Monday, May 01, 2006

On Location

The Twin Chip Girls went to South Carolina this weekend. We loaded up the Chip Mobile with our sassy Lightly Salted Chips and drove to Greenville to join in the Whole Foods celebration.

It was their grand opening. And it was a big deal. They hired local bluegrass and jamaican bands to play while customers poured into the store. They came from all over South Carolina, some having driven over two hours to experience this unique grocery shop.

We set up our display and felt like movie stars as people clamoured around to taste our crunchy, healthy chip. Whole Foods customers are educated. They want to know about ingredients and fertilizers and such. Naturally, we were a huge hit. "What makes your chips so special?" They asked. "It starts with the potato." We tell them. "We use natural pesticides to fight that pesky flea beatle." Some of the customers were cynical. "Natural Pesticides?" They sneered. "That sounds like an oxymoron." And I suppose it does. But we really do use a natural one. Our good-looking farmers grind up gravel and spread it over the crop to kill the flea beetle. Apparently the beetles aren't all that intelligent and they eat the gravel and anyone who's anyone knows that stones in your stomach can't be good for you.

"Oh." The customers ooh and awe. "Wow." My twin and I glance at each other with that knowing warm glow that we get when people become impressed with our company. "We also use less dye in our packaging." This puts the Whole Foods Customers over the top. Suddenly there is a chip frenzy with bags flying from our display into people's carts. Its' a happy time.

Each customer comes with a different list of criteria. Moms want to know how many chemicals are in the chip. "Let's see," We muse. "There's the potato, the salt and the oil." And, again, the bag flies into the cart. "What about cholesterol?" An ederly couple wants to know. "None" We say together and gently place our bag into their cart next to their organic strawberries and fresh corn on the cob.

Whole Foods is more than a shop. It's an experience. With it's natural lighting, soothing music, and open cafe, it's a pleasant, life-giving place to be. We are proud to be on the shelves there and look forward to many more happy Whole Foods customers in the future. Abigail, Your Chip Girl


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