Wednesday, April 26, 2006


The Big Boss is back from Japan. He says it was a terrific time. They love our chips there. Potetochippu. That's how you say potato chip in Japanese. Our chips are so, dare I say 'sexy' that the Japanese can't get enough.

It's a little known fact that the Japanese are elegant, sexy people. Iroppoi. That means sexy in Japanese. Japan, after all, is composed of over 3,000 islands and everybody knows islands are for lovers. And think sushi and origami. And the way the Japanese eat close to the floor with their elegant chop sticks. It's a culture of refined, detailed, historic people.

And that is why they love our potetochippu. Because our chips match the personality and pulse of the country.

The Big Boss went to Osaka and Tokyo. Our new clients are AM/PM. This is a juicy Japanese account. So the Big Boss is happy and the Japanese AM/PM people are happy and this joy trickles down to the minions at the chip factory.

I wore my purple kimono yesterday in celebration. I originally bought it to help persuade the Big Boss to take me to the East with him but apparently he handled it on his own. He did take the New Guy with him so he wouldn't have to drink his sakki alone.

So that's the good news from the chip factory today. I think we can all sleep just a little bit sounder tonight knowing the Japanese will be munching on our iroppoi potetochippu very soon.
Abigail, Your Chip Girl


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