Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Some Clarification

There has been some confusion among my readers recently. "What is a Potato Finger?" They ask. Well, technically it's a potato.

Firstly it is a cute little potato called a fingerling. There are loads of varieties, all of them small and finger-shaped. They are low in starch and make fabulous potato salads or general household decorations.

Some of the more fashionable homes in my area put these fingerling potatoes in clear glass bowls and place them around on end tables. It makes for interesting conversation. And if you get munchy you can just pick one up and eat it like an apple.

But the potato finger fingerling is not to be confused with the The Company: PotatoFinger. We earned that name the old fashioned way. Passion. The Big Boss loves potato chips. When he was a kid his nickname became "potato finger" because his hands were constantly in a potato chip bag. So when he grew up he decided he wanted to be the Big Boss of a potato chip company.

So thats what he did. And our Potato Chip Team and loads of potato chip lovers are grateful he decided to follow his heart.


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