Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Chip Girls Go Glamour

Today was a big day in PotatoFinger world. The Big Boss sent the twin chip girls over to the salon early this morning. There we were pampered and blow dryed and beautified. Next we drove over to Channel 11 to film a live spot on a local show there called Atlanta and Company.

The Big Boss was a afraid the chip girls may not capture the audience so he asked his neighbor to join us. It was a terrific idea because the neighbor is a hotty. His job was to shake martini's and look good. He was an over-achiever. In seven minutes he shook up four of the best vodka martini's on the planet. I tried not to look over at him so I wouldn't get distracted. You can watch all the fun yourself on: Atlanta and Company

As if it wasn't pressure enough to go LIVE on television with a hotty, the Big Boss was in the background coaching us and tossing out all sorts of tips. "Don't forget to talk about the book." He kept saying. So what was the one thing we forgot? The book. It's the one Allen Kurzweil wrote called Leon and the Champion Chip. The Big Boss loves this book. We sell it on our website. Finally, at the tippy last minute we saw him in the background behind all those bright lights and cameras frantically miming opening and closing a book.

But the big news is that it is National Potato Chip Day. The television studio was in a frenzy themselves as we threw bags out to the crew. Oh happy day. Oh happy chips. Abigail, Your Potato Chip Girl


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