Monday, March 13, 2006

The Big City

You can consider New York City done, because the Chip Girls did it. And we feel we did it well. We started each day with a Dean and Dulca coffee. My twin has this thing for Katie Curick so we taxied there from our hotel hoping to catch a glimpse of the super-star. Well, the other chip girl, Chinique, and I went down for the beverage and scones, but Kerri stood out by the famous fence so hopeful, so eager. She never did see Katie but we learned the day we left they interviewed Mathew McConahay down there. What a near miss. Jeez.

After our coffee we went to the Javits center for the trade show. We were a smashing success. Our booth had so many visitors they spilled out into the aisle. It was a wild trade show anyway because so many booths were sampling speciality vodkas and Eurpean Wines. It gave the show a toasty, warm glow. My twin and I met an Italiano named Paulo. He sold truffles, not the chocolate kind but we forgave him for that because he was Italiano. Here is a picture of Paulo with us by his truffles.

The show closed at five o'clock everyday and the Chip Girls have our booth closing down to a science. We were only New York for five days so we had to act with grace and speed if we wanted to shop the required amount of time to leave us exhausted, broke and very, very happy.

We covered up our precious chips lest a late night stroller become overtaken by the PotatoFinger Urge and crunch up all our inventory. Getting back to our hotel was tricky. Five O'Clock is shift change for the cabbies and apparently a full day of cab driving makes the drivers a little bit cranky. Hordes of people streamed out of the Javits all waving and whistling frantically to hail a cab. Very few had any luck. The first day or so we were sweet, demure and unsucceful. We cleverly changed our tactics and literally walked up streets center aisle knocking on cabbies windows and smiling energetically. I recommend this technique to anyone struggling to get a cab at shift change. We got a cab everytime.

At the hotel we quickly changed out of our costumes into our funky monkey wardrobe. Oh wait, I'm the only one with a funky monkey wardrobe. My twin is more an Anne Klein girl and Chinique is an avid H&M fan. Once appropriately garbed we practically ran into the streets to begin our night out. Now New York City is huge. Thousands of shop, maybe hundreds of thousands. I feel that in our five day spree we hit, and this is a modest estimate, 300 shops.

We know the trip to New York was successful because we all came back giddy and exhausted. And all our new clients are calling up for chip orders that we happily fill while wearing our stylish New York wardrobe. Life is good and it's even better with chips.
Your Potato Chip Girl, Abigail


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