Friday, February 03, 2006

Oh My Gosh

You aren't going to believe what happened. A man named Allen Kurzweil wrote a book about a potato chip. (See picture at left for visual). We are all excited about it because It's called Leon and the Champion Chip. Well, the Big Boss is named Leon. We all felt very strongly that this was destiny.

So the Big Boss contacted Allen and they chatted about potato chips and all manner of things and then something really exciting happened.

Here's what the Big Boss and Allen discovered:

Leon's (Big Boss) dad's name is Napoleon: a character in Allen's book

Napoleon's mom's name was Emma: a character in in Allen's book

Big Boss's last name is Stoltz, a character in Allen's previous book: The Grand Complication, was Stolz

oh my gosh...creepy.

So they both got chill bumps and felt they were twins seperated at birth and all that. Then Allen was invited to an interview with Neal Conan on Talk of the Nation on NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO. This was big. This was gigantic. Allen not only talked about his love and interest in potato chips, but HE ATE A BAG OF OUR CHIPS ON THE AIR. You can hear him yourself at So now we spend our days listening to Allen enjoy our potato chips and this makes us feel warm and good inside.

And now we're offerring Allen's cool book, Leon and the Champion Chip on our website. Just click 'home' and you'll find out all about it. The world feels small and cozy now. Cheers to PotatoFinger Potato Chips and to Leon. Both of them.

Abigail, Potato Chip Girl


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