Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Let's Talk Chips

Well, believe it or not potato chips were created before the civil war. In 1853 George Crum, a chef at a posh restaurant in New York made them to get even with a customer who was complaining that his French-cut potatoes were too thick. George cut the potato paper thin and browned it in oil. It was an instant smash hit.

George evenutally opend up his own restaurant that featured the chips. He had to peel and cut all those potatoes by hand because the mechanical potato peeler wasn't invented until the 1920's.

The chips remained popular mostly in the North. Back then the country was so divided that there was little sharing back and forth of recipes and such. But a travelling salesman from Tennessee changed the fate of the potato chip. He was travelling up North and tasted a potato chip and fell in love right there on the spot. He was so enthusiastic about the chips that he packaged them up and sold them from the trunk of his car all the way back down to Tennessee. Soon most of the country was crunching on this thin salty snack because of him. His name was Herman. Herman Lay.

Americans eat more potato chips than any other nation in the world. It wasn't always this way. Way back in Colonial England they used to grow potatoes strictly to feed their pigs. They thought the potato held a special secret formula that, once consumed by humans, became a powerful aphrodisiac. And you know how those New Englander's felt about that kind of thing back then. A big no-no kind of activity.

I think that myth might hold some truth, considering the amount of passion our customers exhibit while enjoying our PotatoFinger potato chips.

Feeling Frisky,

Abigail, Potato Chip Girl


Anonymous potato chip lover in Florida said...

found your web site it is interesting I will be looking foward to finding your chips in our local Win-Dixie.

I learn interesting facts from your blog.

I will check back again thanks again I enjoyed it.

6:03 PM  

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