Friday, January 27, 2006

Sunny, Stunning San Francisco

The Potato Chip Girls (and the Big Boss) flew out to San Francisco for The Fancy Foods Trade Show. What a blast.

The trade show was held in the Moscone Convention Center near Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. It was filled with thousands of booths of delicious specialty foods. All of the booths were decorated individually and they held tasty sample plates to lure in the buyers and other vendors. It was a food paradise. Meatballs, chocolates, chai teas, shortbreads. Savories and sweets mingled together for one fantastic weekend.

Booth number 513, of course, was the highlight. Our PotatoFinger Potato Chips booth was so popular I was afraid we were making our neighbor booths jealous. I'm going to suggest to the organizers that next year they award a prize for Most Exciting Booth. But until they do, I will self proclaim us the winners.

2006 Most Exciting Booth Award

There were people sampling from all over the globe. Hot deals were being made right there on the showroom floor. The Potato Chips Girls wore darling little black dresses with fishnets and knee boots. Sexy Chic. The Big Boss was very happy. Our booth received over 340 visitors. People just went crazy over our sassy, kosher, all around good time potato chips. We were sad for the trade show to end, but solaced ourselves knowing we left so many people munching happily.


Abigail, Potato Chip Girl


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