Friday, January 20, 2006

Playing with the Big Boys

Ever since our sassy chips made it into Kroger, our Publix customers have become a little cranky. "When will we have access to your delicious chips?" Well, we like to make our customers happy.

So we started flirting with Publix and they were so impressed with the samples we sent that they invited us down for get-together. This is a Big Deal in our industry.

Our potato chip king and I were excited to fly down to Florida to meet with the buyer for Publix. We arrived to their lobby with big dreams and high hopes. Apparently we weren't the only ones invited down. The lobby was crawling with grim looking business men with charts and computers. We found ourselves a little space to sit down and I began doubting my funky monkey outfit.

Now readers, you know our chip is spectacular and Chipponie, our memorable spokesmodel is, well, memorable. Our little company is unusual, a little unorthodox, and a tiny bit zany. Sitting in that large, glassed in lobby with all those suits and girls with high cheekbones and higher heels I started to panic. But then I looked over to my beloved potato chip king. He was looking at the huge mural on their lobby wall. It showed George (W. Jenkins, founder of Publix in 1930) packing people's groceries and chatting with customers. He looked so happy in his white shirt and apron. No tie, no fancy stuff, just old fashioned service.

So when we were finally called into the inner sactum of Publix to meet the buyer I kept George in mind. And the meeting was a smashing success because our company believes in old fashioned service as well. Publix hasn't made a formal commitment to us yet, but we feel confident our Publix customers are going to be munching happily in the near future.


The Potato Chip Girl


Anonymous Josh Hallett said...

Good luck with Publix. Let us know if/when you get in the stores.

1:21 PM  

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